Keystone Paddlers are a group of people dedicated to paddling for fitness and racing.


What we do

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to participate in a canoe/kayak race? Maybe you haven’t entered a race because you do not feel prepared for competition. We can help you prepare for racing or inspire you or your child to participate in a fun and healthy sport. Come out and train with us and realize your true potential with your canoe, kayak, OC-1 or surfski.

We welcome anyone of any age and skill level who may be interested in taking their paddling beyond touring but don’t know where to begin. Along with learning how to paddle more efficiently and faster, we are interested in the exchange of ideas, resources, and the fellowship that a common interest offers. What makes our group special is that we have unprecedented access to world class coaching in order for every paddler to realize their personal fitness or competitive goals.

Some of our paddlers aim compete in local & national paddling events and others are simply interested in paddling for fitness training with a group. Training in a group allows everyone to push themselves to their personal limits while having fun and sharing their experiences with others - along with getting a coach to provide feedback. 

What We've Done

  • Achieve multiple Nationally ranked Sprint and Marathon Athletes

  • Send athletes to Europe for World Cup & World Championship events

  • Build relationships with paddling communities

  • Help athletes achieve their goals no matter how big or small