Universal Paddle Simulator

By Holm Schmidt

What is it ?
It is an adaptor apparatus designed to fit with minor modifications to pretty much all
existing paddle ergs and can also be had as a brand new unit. The design gives
paddlers the opportunity to train with their real paddles and seats on a platform who can
be adjusted to be just as unstable as a racing boat.

The simulator can be used for the following paddles sports
ICF sprint kayaking /canoeing
Surf ski racing /outrigger
marathon kayaking /canoeing
north american style sit and switch canoeing
dragon boat training.

The simulator has two major advantages over the available training implements
currently available.
1.Since the real paddle can be used , important parts of the stroke like the feathering of
the blades and the proper catch and exit can be more closely trained due to the real
length of the paddle.
2. By sitting or kneeling in a cradle instead on a solid platform the paddler has to keep
balance during each stroke and will not get a false sense of performance du to a
unrealistic stable seat on the older models. The abdominal muscles and the lower
back perform different in a boat than on a platt form. Especially athletes who have no
opportunity to paddle on water during long winter seasons have an opportunity here.

Other benefits
Coaches can now train beginner athletes without risking capsizing as much as starting
them of in race hulls. The stroke can be explained in a save environment and
corrections can be made instantly. The ability to raise the difficulty level of the cradle
gives also the opportunity to ease an athlete in to the feel for the real boat..
Its design gives most users the opportunity to keep their existing paddle erg and just
add the cradle to it. We do not want to compete with the manufacturers of other
simulators but to give athletes an opportunity to improve upon already purchased ergs
without having to trash otherwise very useful equipment.

What it is not intended for.
I found out during the 2 year testing time that high stroke rate paddling - sprint race
pace with kayak paddles does not work. Stroke rates over 100/min create to much play
in the rope parts holding the paddle to the fly wheel and are therefore not recommended
and useful . This machine is intended for the winter endurance and technique training.
To use it in erg races is not our goal here and should be done with the traditional erg. It
can however simulated if the paddler chooses to replace the paddle with the traditional
stick but this defeats the other purpose the simulator is designed for.
With any questions please feel free to contact us

Holm Schmidt Coach/Inventor