Summer Training

Hello Everyone,

I hope that your race season is well under way and you all have had some good results
so far. Congratulations for those who did. Your winter training has paid off well.
With summer just getting going and most off us are having still not competed in their big
event for the year there is still time to improve.
Yes the days are long and the water is warm but we must not forget that we need
strength to propel our boats, so stay on a maintenance program of some sort. For our
long distance guys and masters I recommend 1 session per week sub max training and
for the more advanced athletes 2 sessions minimum per week, either 1 sub max one
max and than next week 1 max one weight endurance. Alternate each week.
It is also not bad to put in a few cross training sessions here and there.
Biking, running and roller skiing are great alternatives to a long grind day in and out in
the heat. You could instead of an 2 hour paddle do a 30 -40 min cross training session
and just finish of the remaining time on the water . Just stop long enough for
replenishing with water and electrolytes.

Electrolytes- If you are doing multiple sessions a day watch out that you do not deplete
yourself in the morning and feel flat in the afternoon. Water alone does not help!

Also wearing a sleeveless shirt or no shirt at all is not very helpful.

       Keystone Paddlers Jon Barnato (left) and Jack Capper (right)

Try a long sleeve white shirt and you will be amazed how much more comfortable you
feel during a long paddle. Take a small cooler with you and after the session put ice
cubes in a towel and hold them on your wrist it will help with cooling down your body
more than an ice cold drink. During excessive heat instead of relying just on a GPS go
more with your HR monitor. Most athletes perform at their best between 65 and 75 F .
In 90 + temperatures long distance training is safer and more efficient with an HR
Hydrating- It takes 20 min for water to be usable in your body so please pre hydrate with
enough time to spare once you are fallen behind it is to late and your whole session is
shoot to pieces. Also learn how to hydrate during your over distance workouts, I
sometimes use a timer and during our wash leads every 10 min I drink a little. Since my
timer is set on 2 min every 5 times the pipe goes in my mouth. It sounds easy but it is so
easy forgotten and after 40 min you are dehydrated and done. It also teaches your body
to deal with this during races.

So good luck for all off you and I see you on the water.