Nelo 560 Surfski


Nelo 560 Surfski


SCS layup 23lb (Demo mint condition) $2950

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The New 560 has evolved from the old 560, a lot of people ask us
why is it shorter then the 6.4 meters long like most of the skis.
The answer is simple: its relative shortness makes it one of the
easier downwind surfski’s to paddle, to steer and to balance in all
conditions.The seat has been made wider and lowered to accommodate
a much wider part of the paddling population. “Stability
before ability”. Athlete Range 75kg to 120kg

All Surfskis Include the following standard:
– 2 rudders: a standard rudder that can be used in downwind and rough
conditions and a weedless rudder for when paddlers have problems
with weeds. The standard rudder will be made from carbon and a
core material and the weedless from a polycarbonate material. This
is a unique feature for the new Nelo Surfski range.
– Closable bailer designed by Magnus De Brito from Sweden and empties
the cockpit within a few strokes even at low speeds. Foot operation
makes it easy and intuitive to open and close in all conditions.
– Wave deflector. It allows it to decrease the volume in the surfski
boats but also makes them easier to handle hard conditions. It deflects
the water from the cockpit making it easier to stay dry and in control.
– A very easy to put on and take off cover with a draw string closure. Helps protect the surfski from harmful UV rays.

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Length 520cm 17′

Width 52cm 20.5″

Weight 10-11 kg (SCS/7)
11-12 kg (WWR/4)
14-15 kg (A1/2)22-24 lbs (SCS/7)
24-26.5 lbs (WWR/4)
31-33 lbs (A1/2)